Dominion Church of God in Christ has gone into partnership with the Oral Roberts University Bible Institute to bring you the Dominion Bible Institute! This program is designed to bring formal bible training to those who desire more knowledge in their ministry. Dominion Bible Institute will be offering you the opportunity to obtain The Diploma of Theological Studies with the possibility of receiving two for one credit if you choose to continue your education at Oral Roberts University.

This Diploma will consist of 33 credit hours broken into 12 courses. To make the course load more manageable for you, our program will focus on one to two courses per 16 weeks. It is our desire to bring you a formal training curriculum that is flexible and affordable!


There is a one-time registration fee of $35 due at the time of registration. After which, the tuition is as follows:

ORU Fee:     $66

DBI Fee:      $84

-TOTAL:    $150

This is the cost on a per class/per semester basis. We will offer a Tuition Payment Plan if you are in need of assistance.


One aspect of this program that makes it desirable is the flexibility of the course. As stated above, we will keep the course load light by only doing one to two classes per semester. The Fall 2015 Class will be:

DBIB 120- New Testament Survey

An examination of the NewTestament and of the historical,  social, economic, and religious background out of which Christianity arose.

Class Schedule: Every Wednesday from 6:30-9:00 p.m. 

How to Register...

Please print and fill out the following forms:

DBI Personnel Form

ORU Student Admission Application

You can then mail or email the completed packets to the addresses shown below.

Registration for the Spring 2016 term is open from November 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015!

The first day of class will be January 6, 2016!

*Former students please contact Sis. Shaneka Stirrup for important information concerning your enrollment.

Contact Us...

Phone: (210) 226-2932


Address: 3023 Martin Luther King Drive, San Antonio, TX 78220